Welcome to the MechQuest Forums

Welcome to the MechQuest Forums

Here you can talk about MechQuest right here

 You can post about anything about MechQuest

Its a bit like the offical Mechquest forum but its the same but a bit different Presentation


Rules for chatting in the forums on the right

1.Offence Language

You must not use any language which is offensive, racist or obscene.

2.Act like another person

You should not attempt to act like anybody in any way. Just yourself

3.Encouage people to break rules

You must not encourage others to break any of the rules.


You are not allowed to actively advertise in the chat place. But you can make your name clickable

5.Personal Details

To protect players’ safety and privacy, you must not ask for personal details.  

6.Misuse the chat place

The chat place must be used respectfully at all times.

If you break any of the rules, you may be find yourself banned from the site because I can ban IP addresses